Premier Xtreme Defense 9mm 90gr


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Product Overview

The technology behind the Premier XD ( Xtreme Defense) bullet was designed by Lehigh Defense. The optimized nose flute, total weight, and velocity were designed to penetrate to a depth of 18 inches while creating an enormous permeant wound channel (PWC)!

On average, the PWC is up to twice the size of other hollow points, and the diameter and volume are over 100% larger than other expanding bullets.

On top of the huge PWC of this projectile, it is barrier blind, ignoring sheetrock, sheet metal, automotive glass, etc.


Cartridge: 9mm
Grain Weight: 90gr
Quantity: 20
Configuration: 20
Muzzle Velocity1250
Case Type:Brass
Bullet Type:Solid Copper
Primer Type:Match Grade Primer

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Mark A Shilensky
Mark A Shilensky
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Excellent Product! Love the fact that it is locally manufactured! Highly recommend!!
Mike Matos
Mike Matos
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Made in the USA! 🇺🇸 Great product and super fast shipping. Highly recommend!
Kenny Greindl
Kenny Greindl
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Great company with an excellent product! Shipping was extremely fast!!!